Sunday, May 29, 2016


J-6 August 26, 1970 issue commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Woman Suffrage. The first day city is Adams, Massachusetts, the birth place of Susan B. Anthony, crusader for Women's Rights. Warren G. Harding was elected President in 1920, the first year women were permitted to vote.  The numis is a BU 1970D nickel. A mint stamp is mounted in the reverse of the cover. 50 produced. 


J-4 August 7, 1970 issue is the Huck Press version of the Flag-White House 6 cent Definitive. Although this stamp is only 1/20th of an inch smaller than the Giori Version, the perforations readily identify this stamp. Each stamp has a perforation hole centered exactly at every corner of every stamp. The painting is a stylized eagle, with a BU 1970S cent mounted in the center of the shield. A mint stamp is mounted in the reverse of the cover.

Monday, May 23, 2016


On October 28, 1970, four different stamps were issued to focus attention on ecology and the problems of pollution. Each stamp shows the world as seen from outer space, and each has a separate illustration and message. The numis in the entire set a bronze Scorpio Zodiac medallion. A matching mint stamp is mounted in the reverse of each cover. 

J-10  Save our Soil -- painting of Butterfly -- 25 produced
J-11  Save our Water -- painting of Angel Fish -- 25 produced
J-12  Save our Cities -- painting of Sedum Blossom -- 24 produced
J-13  Save our Air -- painting of Finch -- 20 produced